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Hyfer Festival is an unpretentious playground where open-minded people connect by sharing knowledge and new ideas.

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Through inspiring activities, immersive experiences, and chance conversations, you will discover exciting, innovative, and sometimes unexpected breakthroughs happening in Trondheim and beyond.

It is an inclusive space where diverse knowledge can be shared freely while also enabling people to form unexpected connections and adopt new perspectives. So if you are open-minded and naturally curious, this is the festival for you. Peek beneath the forest floor and into the minds of scientists and artists from around the Nordics.

By fusing sciences and arts into one festival, Hyfer will sprout new links between disciplines that appear diametrically opposite on the surface. But by going deeper, new synergies can be unearthed along with fresh opportunities to work together. Answers that have eluded us might suddenly be illuminated when the problem is shared with those who have different perspectives and think a little differently.

Hyfer is more than just a festival and an open forum for discussion. We will be a resource for intriguing stories that breathe new life into exciting research and trailblazing art. Through them, you’ll learn about scientific breakthroughs, the health of our mind, technological innovation, and leading visionaries in music, art, and culture. These are the stories that might not be visible at first glance, but you don’t need to dig deep to discover their incredible significance.

Hyfer festival is an NTNU initiative to ignite curiosity and inspire tomorrows change makers by creating an exciting arena for collaboration across disciplines. Hyfer will also be an instrumental tool for dissemination around the innovation happening across the arts and sciences in the regions.

Hyfer festival 2022

Hyfer is a new type of festival working with a bottom-up approach, while testing out new concepts, partnerships, and content formats. Hyfer is a non-profit partnership festival organization that works to connect and collaborate with regional actors to highlight the exciting work they are doing, lift up their successes and share their stories.

Hyfer has a two-point mandate: the first point is to act as a facilitator curating and coordinating events and program elements. The second point is to be a marketing and public relations support engine for its collaborative partners. In an effort to support its partners, Hyfer works toward drawing crowds, engaging the audience through strategic storytelling and social media campaigns, whiling drawing a red thread through all partner events and activities.

Hyfer Team

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McKennaStarckMarketing & Communications Manager

+47 413 70 374
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MereteVaneboProject Manager & Producer

+47 930 17 537
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Tanja HolmenFestival Director

+47 907 96 908