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Where curiosity sparks new connections

Hyfer® is a vibrant meeting place for people who ask questions, who love to learn through creativity and exploration.

Hyfer celebrates science in everything we surround ourselves with. The festival facilitates the meeting of science, innovation and art, through interactive experiences, lectures, workshops, networking and cultural moments.

When & Where?

22-23 September, 2023

Hyfer 2023 will be hosted at a variety of knowledge and cultural hubs throughout Trondheim: Kalvskinnet, DIGS, Sluppen, Gløshaugen, Dokkhuset to name a few.

A hub for people, knowledge and ideas

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If you're open-minded and naturally curious, this is the festival for you!

Embark on a journey of discovery with us at Hyfer, where we stoke your passion for learning and feed your curiosity. Hyfer is a unique gathering that embodies the spirit of inclusivity and exploration. As a melting pot of ideas, it fosters a space where knowledge flows freely, unexpected synergies are unveiled, and new perspectives embraced.

Breaking traditional boundaries, Hyfer fuses the worlds of science and art into a single festival, nurturing new connections across various disciplines. Take a peek beneath the forest floor and delve into the minds of scientists and artists from the Nordics. Dig deep to unearth new synergies and collaborative opportunities! Answers that have eluded us might suddenly be illuminated when the problem is shared with those who see things from different vantage points.

An oasis where knowledge flows freely.

Beyond being just a festival, Hyfer aims to breathe life into a comprehensive editorial platform. These stories encapsulate the spirit of innovative research, revolutionary art, technological leaps, and visionary figures across various fields. While their impact may not be immediately obvious, they are overflowing with inspirational discoveries just waiting to be uncovered.

Join this vibrant gathering, meet like-minded explorers, and immerse yourself in the cutting-edge of exciting innovations. Leave not only inspired but also enriched with new knowledge. Join us, and watch your world expand.

Hyfer 2023, Trondheim

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Children learn through play. Adults are really the same. So encouraging unique and fun formats for learning and inspiration is more important than ever.
Tanja Holmen, Festival Director at Hyfer
The 2023 edition of the Hyfer festival marks a departure from traditional models, adopting a grassroots approach while pushing the boundaries of partnerships, concepts, and content formats.

Operating as a non-profit, Hyfer strives to amplify the work of regional collaborators, showcasing their groundbreaking efforts, celebrating their triumphs, and bringing their stories to the forefront.

Hyfer’s mandate is twofold: to serve as a curator, orchestrating a range of events and program elements, and to function as a marketing and PR engine for its collaborative partners. In supporting its partners, Hyfer is dedicated to attracting audiences, crafting engaging articles through strategic storytelling and social media campaigns, while pulling a red thread through all partner events and activities.

Spearheaded by NTNU, Hyfer festival ignites curiosity and aims to inspire the next generation of change-makers. It provides a vibrant arena for multidisciplinary collaboration, serving as an important channel for spreading innovation and an integral tool for dissemination across sciences and arts regionally.

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Hyfer 2022 Recap

Meet the Hyfer Team

Tanja  Holmen

Tanja  Holmen

Festival Director
+47 907 96 908
McKenna Starck

McKenna Starck

Marketing & Communications Manager
+47 413 70 374
Merete Vanebo

Merete Vanebo

Project Manager & Producer
+47 930 17 537