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What's all the Hyfe about?

Date: 02. juni

A network of minds creating and supporting new synergies to connect, collaborate, and shape a better future.

A new type of festival is in town. Hyfer is a Norwegian futures festival of arts and sciences celebrating knowledge, creative s/urge, and curiosity.

About the festival

But what on earth are "Hyfer"?

Well, to find them we actually need to look under the earth, where they usually grow undetected. There, they form a vast underground system of fungal threads, stretching through woodland for kilometres at a time, forming a complex organism from which mushrooms spring.

Transcending from the forest to the city, Hyfer Festival will be a collective hub that supports and strengthens Trondheim’s knowledge ecosystem. Between the 21st and 25th of September 2022, Hyfer will work together with its partners in Trondheim and eventually other cities, to form and unearth a network of minds – one that creates and supports synergies to help shape a better future for everyone.

The festival looks to bring together great minds from all over the world, to be an open and inclusive space for people to connect and share diverse knowledge and expertise. By exchanging information and inspiring others, people will be invited to step outside their sphere of knowledge to learn from others and form unexpected connections.

Supporting the Knowledge Ecosystem

Just like its organic counterpart, Hyfer festival will support and strengthen Trondheim’s knowledge ecosystem by facilitating deep collaboration. From September 21st to 25th 2022, Hyfer will work together with its partners to form a new network of minds – one that creates a better sustainable future for everyone through the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The festival will eventually bring together people from all over the world with a vast variety of expertise to create a unique atmosphere of inspiration. Hyfer will act as an inclusive space where diverse knowledge can be shared freely while also enabling people to form unexpected connections and adopt new perspectives.

Unearthing New Synergies

By fusing sciences and arts into one festival, Hyfer will sprout new links between disciplines that appear diametrically opposite on the surface. But by going deeper, new synergies can be unearthed along with fresh opportunities to work together. Answers that have eluded us might suddenly be illuminated when the problem is shared with those who have different perspectives and think a little differently. By encouraging young and experienced alike to break from old paradigms and innovate, we can expose together all the new possibilities that surround us.

However, Hyfer is more than just a festival and an open forum for discussion. We will be a resource for intriguing stories that breathe new life into exciting research and trailblazing art. Through them, you’ll learn about scientific breakthroughs, the health of our mind, technological innovation, and leading visionaries in music, art, and culture. These are the stories that might not be visible at first glance, but you don’t need to dig deep to discover their incredible significance.

Pique Your Curiosity

So if you are open-minded and naturally curious, this is the festival for you. Peek beneath the forest floor and into the minds of scientists and artists from around the Nordics. Through inspiring activities, immersive experiences, and chance conversations, you will discover exciting, innovative, and sometimes unexpected breakthroughs happening in Trondheim and beyond.

These are the treasures that Hyfer aims to unearth. Pique your curiosity, Hyfer awaits.