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NE VR MIND - Can VR Help Us Fight Brain Disease?

Talks & demosFamily oriented
DateSat 23.9.
Time11:00 - 11:30
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The blessings and curses of virtual reality. Virtual and Augmented reality has gained some recent popularity among young tech enthusiasts and gamers, but recent technological advancements offer much more than a gaming console.

Or does it?
During this workshop, researchers from Kavli Institute and the Computer Science Department will showcase the recent developments in the VR world, and its potential uses beyond the hype.

Does it make your life easier? Can it read your mind? Will VR finally bring you NIRVANA?

Whether you are a VR enthusiast or a VR-skeptic, join us for an engaging discussion on how VR is a relevant technology for individuals of all ages and motivations. We will talk about VR health applications for diagnosis, treatments, and training, show some cases from neuroscience research, and discuss the potential risks of the technology for society so that you can decide for yourself whether VR is a blessing or a curse.

We would like to engage the citizens of Trondheim in a common research project where each participant will have the opportunity to learn about immersive environments, experience them firsthand, and ask all the questions they have. They will also have the chance to contribute to the active research by answering some anonymous questions about their attitude, acceptance, and motivations towards VR.

This VR experience comes after an introductory lecture.
The lecture is followed by 30-minute sessions with VR experiences per participant, provisional registration on site throughout the afternoon.

It is not necessary to attend the introductory lecture beforehand, but it is recommended :-)


13.00-13.30: Presentation by NTNU researchers “NE VR MIND - Can VR help us fight brain disease?” The event starts with a joint introduction to the research work, after which the public can test out the VR experience linked to the research.

14.00 – 21.00: 30-minute sessions each participant with VR experiences, provisional registration on site throughout the afternoon.

Please note that photos will be taken during the festival on the 22nd and 23rd of September. The images will only be used for communication and information related to the festival going forward.