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Opening of Gjærevollsenteret x Hyfer

DateFri 23.9.
Time09:00 - 14:00
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The Gjærevoll center will be an internationally leading research center for natural diversity and sustainability, and will put the nature crisis on the agenda.

The Gjærevoll Center will bring together and strengthen the research forces within natural diversity and sustainability. The research community from all over the world will contribute to increasing knowledge about how human actions affect natural diversity.
Loss of biological diversity is one of the biggest challenges we humans face. Our use of nature and resources is causing nature to disappear at record speed. However, much of this activity is necessary to achieve other sustainability goals, such as the development of renewable energy to slow down climate change. There is therefore a great and growing need for knowledge about how to make the green transition less grey.

The Gjærevoll center will contribute to solving these challenges by building a bridge between basic knowledge about nature and the design of administration and politics. This will be done through research, teaching and communication.
The center will develop future analyzes for natural diversity. Such a crystal ball can only be created through a close collaboration between different disciplines. Future analyzes will be used to develop and disseminate practical tools that will enable public agencies and private businesses to adapt their activities to stop the loss of natural diversity.

Program: *)

11:00 Social lunch

Opening of the Gjærevollsenteret
Plenum room, 1st floor

12:00 Opening v/Anne Borg, Rector NTNU

12:10 Opening v/Norunn S. Myklebust, Managing Director, NINA

12:15 Espen Barth Eide, Minister for Climate and Environment

12:25 Heidi Bjerkan, Michelin chef, Credo and Bernt-Erik Sæther, Director Gjærevollsenteret
Nature's treasure chest

12:35 Asbjørn Moen, Professor emeritus in ecology and nature conservation, NTNU AF
Olav Gjærevoll: Botanist, conservationist and politician

12:45 Bernt-Erik Sæther, Director, Gjærevollsenteret.
Green transition dependent on more knowledge

12:55 GRASS
Folk rock band consisting of four trønder ladies

13:05 Break


13:30 Signe Nybø, Head of Research, NINA
Biological diversity in Norway; condition and challenges

13:50 Ottar Michelsen, Professor Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management
With the goal of measuring

14:05 Nina Vik, Senior advisor, Subject Director, Norwegian Environment Agency, national contact point for the Nature Panel (Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services IPBES)
Why are national research centers important to the International Nature Panel (IPBES)

14:20 Break

14:45 Erlend Birkeland Nilsen, Senior researcher, NINA
About big data, open data and missing data in environmental research

15:00 Bjarte Rambjør Heide, Director, Artsdatabanken
The species data bank's knowledge needs in its role as a national knowledge bank for natural diversity

15:15 Gunhild Setten, Professor at the Department of Geography, NTNU
When is nature?

15:30 Marte Fandrem, Scholarship
Myr for the future - A nest egg for sustainability, climate and natural diversity

15:45 Summary and conclusion Øyvind Weiby Gregersen, Dean NV Faculty Administration

15:50 Seminar ends

*) There may be some changes to the program

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