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Sofa Chat with Gunnerus Award Winner Jianguo (Jack) Lius

Sofa Chat
DateWed 22.9.
Time11:30 - 12:30
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Join Jianguo Liu and and a number of young people from all over Trøndelag to a fireside chat Q&A about inspiration, research and the future.

When young people from all over Trøndelag meet one of the world's leading researchers to chat about how people and the environment are linked together in a strong symbiosis on a sofa at Digs, big questions will be aired.

Are you curious about how everything really connects with everything in this world - then Digs is the place for you this morning.

The world's leading researcher in telecommunications - the theory that everything is connected to everything - was in his time inspired by Gro Harlem Brundtland that he chose to become a researcher. The Gunnerus prize for sustainability is this year awarded to Jianguo Liu.

The sofa chat is open to everyone.

Read more about the Gunnerus Prize and Jianguo Liu here:

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