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Science fairFamily oriented
DateSat 23.9.
Time09:00 - 13:00
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Fun knowledge hunt at Forskningstorget in Trondheim! Forskningstorget is especially aimed at curious children and young people who love to learn through playful exploration! We offer children of all ages an exciting encounter with research in an interactive and engaging way.

The program this year is rich and varied with energy as a backdrop. Air, fire, earth, and water – all the sources of energy are represented. What exactly is photosynthesis and how can you use potatoes to get energy for a light bulb? Can you dig up the minerals Norway needs for the green shift? Do you want to know exactly how energetic you are? Experience the Science Show with Nikolai from the Science Centre, who will explore icy experiments and show what it has to do with energy.

During this year's research square, there are great opportunities for you to get dirt on your fingers, get your hands wet - and have an ever-so-small encounter with the technology of the future, which you will continue to live with. Perhaps you will be presented with the next big thing in energy research? In any case, you will get many smart solutions, new knowledge about various environmentally friendly forms of energy, and perhaps even an answer to what we all wonder: "What is the real meaning of life?" in our state of wonder...

At Kalvskinnet, 70 researchers and employees from NTNU, NGU, the Science Center in Trondheim, the Norwegian Center for Organic Agriculture, and the Science Museum are ready to welcome you!

The event is free and open to everyone.

Please note that photos will be taken during the festival on the 22nd and 23rd of September. The images will only be used for communication and information related to the festival going forward.